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  • Fresh Breath

    Fresh Breath

    Halitosis Tongue scrapers reduce bad breath Bad breath is a common problem for many people, given the wide variety of substances traveling through our mouths daily. Some people avoid offensive foods and drinks, chew gum, use mouth rinses, or eat […]

  • The Oral Cancer Epidemic

    The Oral Cancer Epidemic

       We’re Fighting Back! And so should you!!!   * A victim of oral cancer dies every hour in the US *25% of oral cancers occur in people who don’t smoke and have no other lifestyle risk factors. * The […]

  • Take the Epworth Sleepiness Test

    What does it mean? You MIGHT have sleep apnea. NOTE: It’s NOT just about preventing life-threatening apneas. Your dentist can frequently help cut down on snoring and improve the over-all QUALITY of your body-restoring rest. And that can go a […]

  • Sleep Apnea and GRD

    A surprising number of people stop breathing while they sleep. this can happen hundreds of times a night. It interrupts rejuvenating deep sleep and can lead to changes in the blood. These changes can lead to heart damage or even […]

  • Snoring and Sleep Apnea

    Snoring and Sleep Apnea

    ZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ … In 1910 the average amount of sleep was nine hours a night. Today, it’s just seven. Over 100 million Americans snore. The record snore came from Melvin Switzer who topped 92 decibels, according to Guinness. (Heavy traffic is 80dB!) Seriously, […]


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