What does it mean?
You MIGHT have sleep apnea.

NOTE: It’s NOT just about preventing life-threatening apneas. Your dentist can frequently help cut down on snoring and improve the over-all QUALITY of your body-restoring rest. And that can go a long way to improving the quality of life.

Women Who Snore

Snoring is considered by many to be a man’s problem, or at least more prominent and dangerous for men. Not so. An estimated 19% of women also snore, and are just as prone to developing snoring related complications as are men. Sleep apnea, closely allied to snoring, can strike people of either sex.

Women, however, have their own complications with which to cope. A news story dated April 27, 1999 reports that snoring is also associated with high blood pressure in pregnancy, and high blood pressure leads to a more serious problem known as pre-eclampsia.

There are indications that partial obstruction of upper airway passages may be the cause of the night time increase in blood pressure that causes the more serious pre-eclampsia. If not controlled, it may be necessary to hospitalize the patient to protect mother and child.

In a recent study, a group of women suffering from pre-eclampsia were put on CPAP(positive pressure ventilator), with the majority experiencing a marked reduction in blood pressure levels.

Several things contribute to snoring, such as smoking, weight, high cholesterol and sleeping on the back. Hormones and oral contraceptives also play a part in this dangerous mix.

Women who snore have a higher risk of hypertension and heart disease. The probable cause of these complications is a reduction in blood oxygen. Women who snore, therefore, should seek medical advice, and, if deemed necessary, take part in a sleep study. this is even more urgent during pregnancy.