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  • Creating Beautiful Smiles

    Creating Beautiful Smiles

    Take a look at How Cosmetic Dentistry Works – for a great introduction to cosmetic dentistry. Before Affter

  • The Power of a Smile

    99.7 – Percentage of adults who say an attractive smile is an important personal asset. 74%- Percentage of people who say that an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chances for business or career success. 63%- Percentage of people who […]

  • Non-surgical Facelift

    Imagine what happens to a face when teeth are sunken in and worn down. The outside skin sinks in and wrinkles are far more evident. Bringing teeth back to their ideal position can renew facial appearance. But it goes far […]

  • The Snap-on Instant Smile

    The Snap-on Instant Smile

    The SmileStudio has been working with our lab technicians to create an instant smile makeover, the Snap-on Smile.  These are OVERLAY teeth that are made out of a hard tooth-colored plastic that pop on top of your gnarly choppers! You can eat […]

  • Previewing a New Smile

    It’s now possible to preview the rejuvenation of your smile in a variety of different ways. Sometimes we do this on the computer by digital design. Sometimes we do this directly on your teeth using hand-builtup light-cured composite bonding material.  But this […]


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