We’re Fighting Back!

And so should you!!!


* A victim of oral cancer dies every hour in the US

*25% of oral cancers occur in people who don’t smoke and have no other lifestyle risk factors.
* The American Cancer Society estimates a 5.5% increase in new cases of oral cancer and a 1.5% increase in deaths associated with oral cancer.
* When oral cancer is found early, treatment is 90% successful, otherwise the outlook is grim
* Globally, almost a half million cases of oral cancer are found every year.

And it’s getting worse.

She was young, not a smoker or heavy drinker, yet she lost a big chunk of her tongue to oral cancer.

For the up-close and personal story of an oral cancer survivor, watch the interview of Eva Grayzel Cohen playing below.

Three times worse for men, incidentally.

All told, there will be over 35,000 people diagnosed with oral cancer this year.  Over 7,000 will die from it.

Now the good news: 80-90% of oral cancer is survivable when caught EARLY!

Pre-malignant changes well below the surface and are now more likely to be caught with our Velscope.

Watch the video of the newest cancer detection technology:

Beyond the MagnaVu–Cancer Detection

A Pap Smear for the Mouth

Did you realize that oral cancer happens three times the rate of cervical cancer and that we lose over 10,000 people a year to it?

What’s worse is the devastating destruction that makes for a horrible quality of life for those who survive it.

Well, we’re doing something about early detection.  It’s called the Velscope and uses visible light technology to spot early changes BEFORE they turn nasty.  Until now we had to wait until tissue changes were large enough to detect by the eye.  THAT IS FAR TOO LATE!




Dark areas are problem cells–
Catching things EARLY is the name of the game!