Tongue scrapers reduce bad breath


Bad breath is a common problem for many people, given the wide variety of substances traveling through our mouths daily. Some people avoid offensive foods and drinks, chew gum, use mouth rinses, or eat mints to mask unpleasant odor. Others cannot escape bad breath quite so easily. At least 40 million Americans suffer from halitosis.


We have MANY ways to reduce halitosis and make breath more pleasant.  But, first, we have to test and see if we can figure out WHERE it’s coming from.


For this we use a Halimeter that can sniff out the nasty smelling sulfur compounds.  Sometimes it’s from the sinuses and not the mouth at all.


Then we go after the germs that can lead to the breath problems.  We also can trap the smelly sulfur compounds.


And bad breath is NOT just an embarrassment.  It can signify problems with the entire body.  Don’t just let it go and hope the neighbors won’t complain…