The SmileStudio has been working with our lab technicians to create an instant smile makeover, the Snap-on Smile.  These are OVERLAY teeth that are made out of a hard tooth-colored plastic that pop on top of your gnarly choppers!


You can eat with the snap-on teeth and take them out to clean (important!).   Again, there are some limitations to what we can accomplish here, but the results are little short of amazing!


We like this approach, for instance, if we have to wait to do a permanent smile remake.  This might be true if we are getting the gums up to snuff or making certain that decay is under full control. Here is a test view prior to an aesthetic gum lift:


How long to the Snap-on Teeth last?  We are estimating around three years or more.

Costs are revolutionarily LOW for this immediately gratifying change in a smile AND, potentially, the bite.  It’s also a great way to replace missing teeth while one is waiting for an implant to become fully usable.  IT ELIMINATES THE DREADED “FLIPPER”.

Recently we heard the developer, Dr. Marc Leichtung, in a course, and he opened our eyes to some of the possiblities of this remarkable technology.

It’s one other option to keep in mind.