It’s now possible to preview the rejuvenation of your smile in a variety of different ways.
Sometimes we do this on the computer by digital design.

Sometimes we do this directly on your teeth using hand-builtup light-cured composite bonding material.  But this is NOT bonded, just hardened.  We can artistically change the shape and color of the teeth and let you see what our target design might be.

Test-Drive Your New Smile?

Sometimes people even go home with the material on their teeth so their spouse and friends can get a look.  The composite can be popped off with a fingernail or a short return trip to the office.

Obviously, there are limitations here, since artistic reshaping the smile sometimes requires shortening or thinning teeth that are out of position, and this can’t be done with the temporary test smile technique.

We often plan your new look by doing a Model Waxup.  This uses the study models we make from your initial impressions.  Then we reshape or add to the teeth.

It’s not too easy, though, for ‘civilians’ to see the final results as they’d appear on their face.  That’s why we like some of the other preview techniques mentioned here.

You can also look at our Preview Books.  These are collections of different smiles and different effects that we can achieve in remaking how others see you.

Some of our our patients simply leave the artistry up to us, and that’s fine too, but we really encourage your input.

Another really neat trick is…