The Snap-on Instant Smile

The SmileStudio has been working with our lab technicians to create an instant smile makeover, the Snap-on Smile.  These are OVERLAY teeth that are made out of a hard tooth-colored plastic that pop on top of your gnarly choppers! You can eat with the snap-on teeth and take them out to clean (important!).   Again, there are some […]

Previewing a New Smile

It’s now possible to preview the rejuvenation of your smile in a variety of different ways. Sometimes we do this on the computer by digital design. Sometimes we do this directly on your teeth using hand-builtup light-cured composite bonding material.  But this is NOT bonded, just hardened.  We can artistically change the shape and color of the […]

Case of the Month

Having her teeth looking “like baby teeth” left a young patient feeling shy about her smile.  She often spoke with her hand over her mouth, and she never would flash a full-fledged grin showing her teeth.           What caused this?  A condition that ran in her family where the gums didn’t […]

Invisible Braces

While we’ve been doing invisible orthodontics for years now, we’ve now been certified as practitioners using a more advanced and effective approach that builds on the older technology.        Called ClearCorrect, the clear braces are smoother and even more invisible, and we have far better control over the individual steps in moving teeth for a dynamite grin and […]