While we’ve been doing invisible orthodontics for years now, we’ve now been certified as practitioners using a more advanced and effective approach that builds on the older technology.


Called ClearCorrect, the clear braces are smoother and even more invisible, and we have far better control over the individual steps in moving teeth for a dynamite grin and more perfect bite.


This not only improves the confidence of your smile-power, it can add to the health of the teeth as well as the entire jaw/muscle system.

And what’s really nice about invisible orthodontics is that you can take the aligners out to do exquisite cleaning and eat whatever you want!

The clear aligners also make pretty good delivery systems for tooth bleaching, so we can often lighten while we straighten.

View ClearCorrect 101: click here

Also can visit www.clearcorrect.com click here

You Don’t have to be a Brace Face!

Getting teeth straighter before doing the final smile makeover can go a long way to making a final result that really pops!  And sometimes it’s impostible to rebuild a smile at all without realigning the teeth.

But does that mean years of metal-mouth braces?  Not necessarily.  Many of our aesthetic projects really lend themselves to the simplicity of clear removable aligners, a method of moving teeth with clear, invisible trays that pop over your teeth and require no brackets, no wires.  They don’t require coming in for adjustments every time you turn around.

          The clear aligner snaps over your teeth. 

We design the treatment plan according to your needs and final desires.  Then the laboratory make a carefully crafted series of clear, slip-on trays.  Each tray moves the teeth about a fiftieth of an inch.  These minimal increments work for three weeks, then we change to the next aligner.

It’s basically that simple.  We see you for short, easy check appointments during the movement phase, which may be as short as a few months, rarely over a year.

This is a great approach for adults.  Simple.  Minimal appointments.  Easy to take out to thoroughly clean.  INVISIBLE!

Can invisible braces be used for everyone?  No.  Kids are not great candidates.  Moving heavy molars around can be problematic.  This is when we enlist the aid of our wonderful orthodontic colleagues! But for a number of adults who need aesthetic corrections, clear aligner orthodontics can be a major step forward.  And, no, you’re NOT too old to finally take care of yourself!

There are times when clear aligners are not your best option for getting beautifully straight and functional teeth.  That’s when we call on Six Month Smiles.  Close to invisible braces that boast greater control and faster movement of teeth in the smile zone.  Dr. Maher is our resident expert.  She and assistant Erin McCraner, RDA have taken considerable advanced training and love improving smiles.