Well, maybe a little more than gingivitis…

But so many people think it’s natural and normal for their gums to bleed.  “I know I’m cleaning really well if I can make my gums bleed.”  “Oh, it’s just gingivitis.”  And to that I have to ask, Do your elbows bleed when you take a shower?  Well, they shouldn’t, and neither should your gums.

And bleeding gums are often associated with some pretty unpleasant breath consequences.  Try this little experiment if you dare: take a small piece of hamburger and put it in something like a baby food jar with a little water and some spit.  Close the top and leave it in a warmish place for a few days.

Now open the top: PHEW!   Well, that’s exactly what’s going on with your gums if germs are allowed to attack them and if the body puts up its own hyper-response.

But beyond bad breath there are a whole slew of effects on the whole rest of the body as the germs and germ waste-products seep down into the gums and then directly to the rest of the system: heart, blood vessels, lungs, kidneys, brain, reproductive organs, joints, etc., etc…. Some of these things can kill you.