Further evidence is piling up that ties gum disease in with heart disease caused by plugged arteries in the heart muscle.

Recent studies show that if you take out the factors of age, sex, economic status, smoking, high blood pressure, blood fats, and diabetes, people with active gum disease have significantly greater risks for coronary heart disease.

This effect was observed for individuals with periodontal disease, and not gingivitis. Gingivitis is more surface attack, but periodontal disease gets into the bone.

People with deep gum disease, “perio”, constantly have germs getting into the blood stream. We believe this is what causes increased levels of fibrinogen, one of the starting materials for clot formation, scarring and plugging of arteries.

The constant work of heart muscle without any rest makes it a particular target for shrunken arteries.

These papers follow other disturbing research pointing to damage to the fetus in pregnant mothers with perio.

Now you may understand why we make such a fuss here about gum disease. It’s not just worry about bad breath and loosening of the teeth!

Inflammation from gum disease raises C-reactive protein levels (CRP) and this can lead to a variety of other damage in the body.

In a research group, the top 25% CRP participants had 2.5 times rate of colon cancer compared to the bottom 25% CRP group!

In a research group, the top 1/3 in CRP values had twice the heart attack rate compared to the bottom 1/3 CRP group!

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