We’ve noted in past issues the connection between infection in the mouth and damage to the rest of the body.

This was the topic of a major talk at the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology meeting in Colorado Springs.

Bill attended the meeting and also made a presentation on lesions of the jaws that can follow incomplete cleaning up after extractions.

Dr. Walter Loesche discussed the consequences of quiet, hidden infections that can occur under and around teeth. The conclusion: gum disease and chronically abscessed teeth can lead to increased risk of heart problems, pneumonia, brain infection, stroke and disturbances of sugar balance.

Moreover, much evidence is pointing toward gum disease as one of the causes of low birth weight or premature babies.

There’s a lot of evidence pointing toward gum disease as a significant factor in hardening of the arteries. In fact, gum disease is a much better predictor of coronary artery blockage than is high cholesterol!