Presence of periodontopathic bacteria in coronary arteries from patients with chronic periodontitis.

Marcelino SL, Gaetti-Jardim E Jr, Nakano V, Canônico LA, Nunes FD, Lotufo RF, Pustiglioni FE, Romito GA, Avila-Campos MJ. Department of Stomatology, University of São Paulo, SP, Brazil. Abstract In this study the presence of periodontopathic pathogens in atheromatous plaques removed from coronary arteries of patients with chronic periodontitis and periodontally healthy subjects by PCR was detected. Our results indicate a significant association […]

The Missing Link Between Heart Disease and Dental Health

by  HeartHawk Sunday, January 04, 2009 For years there have been hints and hypotheses that heart disease and periodontal (gum) disease are associated or share common factors.  Among the more humorous notions held by the uninformed press and public was that heart plaque and tooth plaque were somehow the same thing.  That dubious notion notwithstanding there […]

Just Gingivitis

So many people think it’s natural and normal for their gums to bleed. “I know I’m cleaning really well if I can make my gums bleed.” “Oh, it’s just gingivitis.” And to that I have to ask, Do your elbows bleed when you take a shower?  Well, they shouldn’t, and neither should the gums. Bleeding […]

Severe periodontitis is associated with systemic inflammation and a dysmetabolic status: a case-control study

bstract Background and Aim: A cluster of metabolic factors defines a syndrome that predisposes to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Chronic infections such as periodontitis might alter these individual metabolic factors and the systemic inflammatory burden. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between severe periodontitis and increase in inflammatory and metabolic risk […]

Aetna and Columbia Announce Results from Study Showing Relationship between Periodontal Treatment and a Reduction in the Overall Cost of Care for Three Chronic Conditions

Aetna (NYSE:AET) and Columbia University College of Dental Medicine conducted a study that found a relationship between periodontal (gum) treatment and the overall cost of care for several chronic diseases. The results of the study, which included approximately 145,000 Aetna members with continuous dental and medical coverage, indicate that periodontal care appears to have a positive effect […]