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  • Sugarless gummy bears may battle cavities

    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Gummy bears containing a sugar substitute called xylitol seem to reduce cavity-causing bacteria on young children’s teeth suggesting, researchers say, that candy could be turned into a weapon against tooth decay. Xylitol is a natural […]

  • The Pure Power Mouthguard

    The Pure Power Mouthguard

    It’s called The Pure Power Mouthguard (PPM), a technological wonder developed by Canadian dentist, Dr. Anil Makkar. By holding his jaw in a position that allows his jaw and neck muscles to completely relax, The PPM is literally giving Ramirez an edge in […]

  • Gene Therapy Effective In Treating Gum Disease

    Gene therapy has found to be effective in impeding the development of periodontal disease, the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, according to researchers. With the help of gene therapy, the research team led by William Giannobile, professor at […]

  • Trouble thinking? Better see the dentist

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Good oral care such as regular brushing, flossing and trips to the dentist, may help aging adults keep their thinking skills intact, according to a U.S. study. Research has already established an association between poor oral […]

  • Are you Certified Kissable?

    Even if your smile looks healthy, there’s a good chance you have gum disease, (otherwise known as periodontal disease), lurking around those pearly whites. As much as 85 percent of the adult population has some level of periodontal disease, according […]


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