This information is for the general public to have a better idea of the impact of
Oral Disease on the rest of the body.


Inflammation has been linked to diseases from Alzheimer’s to cancer, and the list just keeps swelling

Inflammation isn’t pretty. And it often hurts.


But the tell-tale swelling and ache, the redness and heat are signs that our …
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Germ warfare in dental chair

A developing health science aims to prevent disease by focusing on mouth bacteria.
By Dorsey Griffith – Bee Medical Writer      Sacramento …
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Doctors give lip service to dangers of gum disease

Gustavo Rodriguez had expected numerous physical exams and blood tests before checking into the hospital last July for a long-awaited …
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How to keep those gums in the pink

Copley News Service


The best way to prevent serious periodontal disease is to get serious about your oral hygiene. And the …
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Growing evidence shows that gum disease can be serious … even fatal

OPEN WIDE Once again, Mom was right.


For years she hounded you to brush and floss regularly to help keep your …
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How to avoid heart disease: brush your teeth, say scientists

Here’s another reason to brush your teeth: poor dental hygiene boosts the risk of heart attacks and strokes, a pair …
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Preventing Hospital Pneumonia Deaths

ScienceDaily (Dec. 15, 2008) — Hospital-borne
infections are a serious risk of a long-term
hospital stay, and ventilator-associated
pneumonia (VAP), a lung infection …
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A Direct Connection

December 19, 2008 (Milan, Italy) – For the first time, researchers have
shown that treating mild to moderate gum disease in …
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Just Gingivitis

Well, maybe a little more than gingivitis…


But so many people think it’s natural and normal for their gums to bleed.  …
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The Missing Link Between Heart Disease and Dental Health

Sunday, January 04, 2009 For years there have been hints and hypotheses that heart disease and periodontal (gum) disease are …
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Dr. Lee is the cofounder of Operation Stop Decay in Texas

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Targets and diseases are listed below. Click next to them to read in more depth.

AREAS of ATTACK-read more


Heart disease/heart attack/blood vessel disease CLICK HERE
Diabetes  CLICK HERE
Pre-term/low birthweight babies CLICK HERE
Stroke/Brain disease /Alzheimer’s CLICK HERE

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Zero Tolerance for Bleeding Gums

Imagine a raw wound the size of your palm on your arm.  Now just rub the foulest dirt you can …
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