How to avoid heart disease: brush your teeth, say scientists

by Marlowe HoodWed Sep 10, 7:16 PM ET Here’s another reason to brush your teeth: poor dental hygiene boosts the risk of heart attacks and strokes, a pair of studies reported this week. Heart disease is the number one killer worldwide, claiming upward of 17 million lives every year, according to the World Health Organization. […]

Preventing Hospital Pneumonias: Brush the Teeth

ScienceDaily (Dec. 15, 2008) — Hospital-borne infections are a serious risk of a long-term hospital stay, and ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), a lung infection that develops in about 15% of all people who are ventilated, is among the most dangerous. With weakened immune systems and a higher resistance to antibiotics, patients who rely on a mechanical […]

Germ warfare in dental chair

A developing health science aims to prevent disease by focusing on mouth bacteria. By Dorsey Griffith – Bee Medical Writer      Sacramento Bee Published 12:00 am PDT Saturday, June 2, 2007 You might be surprised to learn that the microscopic bugs around your teeth that cause gum disease may also contribute to tongue cancer, medical researchers […]

Doctors give lip service to dangers of gum disease

Gustavo Rodriguez had expected numerous physical exams and blood tests before checking into the hospital last July for a long-awaited kidney transplant. But he was bewildered when told to see a dentist. “My gums were really bad, but I didn’t know that mattered,” says Rodriguez, 26, of Long Beach, Calif. “They said I had to […]